总统博士. 萨尔瓦多D. 环保联合会, 与校董会和大学管理人员合作, 确保里吉斯忠实于耶稣会天主教传统, honors its commitment to academic excellence and operates with agility and an eye to the future.

尊重传统. 拥抱未来.

萨尔瓦多总统d. 环保联合会


萨尔瓦多D. 环保联合会,艾德.D.

Dr. 环保联合会于1月1日成为里吉斯大学的校长, 2023年,他将成为大学的第一位非裔和第一位拉丁裔校长. Prior to being selected 总统 he served as Senior 副总裁兼首席财务官 at 瑞吉斯大学 since 2014.

阅读更多关于博士的信息. 环保联合会


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凯文·F. 伯克,年代.J.


牧师. 凯文·F. 伯克,年代.J., is the Vice-总统 for University Mission at Regis and Professor of Theology in 瑞吉斯学院. Fr. Burke first came to Regis shortly after his ordination and served as Associate Campus Minister (1988-1992). He was involved with the Regis Service-Learning Office in its early years and was a co-founder of Romero House.

After Tertianship and Doctoral Studies (1992-1997) he joined the faculty of Weston Jesuit School of Theology, 剑桥, 文学硕士(1997-2006),基础与系统神学助理/副教授. 2006年,他成为伯克利耶稣会神学院院长, 文书主任(2006-12)及署理主席(2008-09). He returned to the faculty of JST-SCU and served as director of the Doctoral Program from 2012-2017.

里吉斯大学董事会成员(2011-2017),Fr. 伯克辞去了该职位,成为Mission的副总裁. 在这个角色中, he seeks to promote the future of the Jesuit Catholic mission at Regis and extend our sense of mission to our sister schools in the AJCU.

作者或编辑过七本书,包括 十字架下的土地:伊格纳西奥的神学Ellacuría (乔治敦,2000), 佩德罗·阿鲁普:基本著作 (Orbis, 2004),以及 伊格纳爵传统 (礼拜仪式的新闻, 2006), 他目前正在写一本关于这位诗人神学观点的书, 丹尼斯Levertov. 他是杂志的董事会主席, 神学研究, serves on the board of the Catholic Theological Society of America and the board of trustees of the University of San Francisco.




Dr. Wilcots在担任艺术副院长后于2017年加入了里吉斯社区, 人文社会科学部, 杜-伊利夫宗教研究联合博士项目主任, 丹佛大学研究生部副教务长. 她拥有博士学位.D. 英语源自DU, 德克萨斯女子大学英语硕士学位, 德雷克大学公共关系硕士和新闻学学士学位. Her areas of scholarship are 20th Century American literature and literature of the African Diaspora with a special focus on African-American and Caribbean literatures. 致力于包容性卓越, 她曾参与领导力和多元化培训, invited speaker and trainer in workshops and conferences across the United States as well as in the Caribbean, 南非和博洛尼亚, 意大利.

"I sought 专业 opportunities at Regis because I wanted to serve in a faith-based institution committed to social justice and dedicated to developing in students the tools and determination to make a positive difference in the world. 曾担任学术工作领导职务, 为研究生, 专业, 本科生, my current role as vice president of 学生事务 allows me support the academic and civic formation of all students at Regis. An integral aspect of civic formation is encouraging students not only to confront the social justice issues of our times but also to challenge their own perceptions—to seek the magis, to become the truest version of their best selves and to serve others for the greater good of the world in which we live."




里吉斯校友凯利Purdy于2022年6月回到母校领导大学发展. She is a lifelong fundraising 专业 with experience across the full spectrum of philanthropy. She has a passion for connecting generosity with impact to create strong communities and vibrant institutions. She previously was Senior National Director for Philanthropy and Foundations at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, 她在哪里监督机构筹款, 主要的礼物, 有计划的给予. 在加入BGCA之前, 凯利曾担任丹佛基金会从事慈善事业的副总裁, where she led fundraising and donor services efforts helping that institution reach nearly $1 billion in total assets stewarded across nearly 1,000年捐助国向, 奖学金及捐赠基金. Kelly also served as Vice 总统 of Development and Communications for Global Greengrants Fund, a Boulder-based international nonprofit working at the intersection of human rights and the environment.

She serves on the board of the Colorado Planned 给 Roundtable where she chairs the DEI Taskforce, 她还支持领袖发展学院课程委员会. Kelly's commitment to a career in service to social justice missions started as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine, 她是在哪里认识她丈夫的. She is a Colorado-native and attended University of Colorado for her undergraduate degrees in political science and international affairs. 2011年,她获得了里吉斯大学(瑞吉斯大学)非营利管理硕士学位.


Senthil库马尔, D.B.A


Dr. Senthil库马尔 joined Regis as vice president for strategic enrollment management in 2022 and oversees traditional, 成人, 毕业生及网上招聘, 招生, 还有经济援助.

An accomplished higher education 专业 with over 20 years of experience and a proven track record in strategic enrollment planning and global engagement, 库马尔 also brings with him an additional eight years of senior-level managerial experience in human resources, 企业融资, 管理信息系统.

库马尔, who most recently was vice president for strategic enrollment management at Saint Leo University, 佛罗里达的一家私立天主教机构, 创建了全球参与中心,并领导了一个超过150人的团队, 营销管理, 招聘, 以及大学主校区的招生情况, 在线学习, and 17 education centers that include multiple military installations across all branches of service in Florida, 乔治亚州, 密西西比州, 南卡罗来纳, 和德州. 在他的领导下, 从2019年到2021年,该大学迎来了连续三年创纪录的招生人数.

加入圣利奥之前, 库马尔也曾在中国的觉盛教育集团担任领导职务, 马萨诸塞州海湾州立大学, 马萨诸塞州的国家质量管理研究生院, 和约翰逊 & 罗德岛威尔士大学.

他在母校开始了自己的招生管理生涯, 俄克拉荷马城大学, where he earned a Master of Business Administration in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Business from the Meinders School of Business. 库马尔 earned a Doctor of Business Administration in QSM specializing in Health Systems and the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt from the National Graduate School of Quality Management, 现在被称为剑桥全球学院的NGS.

斯蒂芬妮-莫里斯- 600 x375.jpg



斯蒂芬妮·莫里斯于2008年加入里吉斯大学,担任会计经理, 将她的经验和技能带到财务和会计团队. Morris was promoted to associate vice president in 2011 where she oversaw all aspects of the university’s financial operations including accounting, 预算, 现金管理, 应付账款, 学生账户, 以及商业保险功能. 里吉斯大学校长萨尔瓦多. 环保联合会提拔Morris于2023年接替他担任副总裁兼首席财务官, 成为瑞吉斯的第一位女性首席财务官.

在来里吉斯之前, 莫里斯是科罗拉多未来基金的财务总监, 丹佛的一个教育非营利组织, 新西部中心的负责人, 一个非营利性的公共政策智囊团. 在非营利部门有超过29年的经验, her career experiences fuel her passion for Jesuit values which challenge us to think critically and serve those in need. Her care and commitment to Jesuit Catholic education grew through her participation in the Ignatian 领导 Program. 莫里斯曾担任领导力教练和导师, 指导她的团队满足校园社区不断增长和发展的需求. Her expertise in higher education can be seen through her work as a Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Peer 牧师iewer. HLC将莫里斯评为2021年同行军团英雄新秀的获得者.

一个自豪的里吉斯校友, 当她的女儿在2022年秋季入学时,莫里斯成为了一名遗产家长. Morris holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Accounting from the University of Phoenix where she graduated with honors. 她还获得了里吉斯大学(瑞吉斯大学)的会计学硕士学位. 她是科罗拉多州注册会计师.